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Head Gasket FXR150 64mm

  • $32.00
  • Product Code: G64mmFXR
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Tags: head, gasket, 64mm, fxr150

Price is for 1x FXR150 64mm Head Gasket

  • For 64mm Cylinder
  • Copper
  • Reusable

When you anneal copper it expands and becomes soft and pliable thus giving you a seal once the copper has been compressed. I usually use a gas torch and heat the entire copper gasket until its "cherry red" then quickly dump it in a bucket of cold water to quench it. If your torch cannot get the entire gasket "cherry red" all at the same time, it will be fine. Just make sure that the copper head gasket at one point reaches it's hottest potential.

Also use with copper gasket cement.

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